Securing whats rightfully Mine

Like a tiger i earned my stripes and im meant to roar

Like a lion i earned my reputation,i will rule

Like a deer i was humbled im meant to be kind

Like an eagle i have my wings i will take advantage of the storm

Like an Alpha female,i breed im meant to eat first at kills.

Im human,of His image,im meant to retain it.I have a purpose.Universe did not make a mistake so im here.

Its what you choose to be,what you tell your self,how you feed it,how you intensify it.Thats what makes you a being you are.

Solitude,Grit,Respect,Meekness are my bunch just to mention less….


Shusshhh be quiet,i dont know if its only me but ive always been adamant in believing that less talk adds gravity to a word from a wise mind.Silence is the key .Allow yourself to be missed out ,honestly it does not kill or harm but gives room to potentially wise thoughts to refine and develop into words that can never be disputed.

Wisdom walks with a mind that is absorbent to understanding to empower it with discernment. We ofteny get our bodies in shape and forget to treat equally the mind.

Sip out of Sweat

Make them feel your absence..not neccesarily presence.

I would have long hit the sack,but No! I need to leave a statement behind.Times ago,they walked past me and saluted ,now all they do is mock .Their diminished satisfaction reckon this is the end…the fate…they wont see me coming back full force

Im not here to play the woman because i am the man.No matter how many times they scold.My insurmountable worth stands still..dont you will dumbstrike them and halt

As i carry your pieces every single day,give them allowance to compass me..


I have a pillar as back up.i hope you took enough pills to endure the pain.This is a battle.A battle to make me whole again.I dont take fun to trusting the process,that would be ridiculous…less murmuring…lets just say… coming for you

It is what it is

Okay, so these mature relationships be quarrels its normal!

I swear i have these gruesome livid bruises
Incurable bleedings wounds
Im skeptical if they need some polysporin
And certainly  not bandage
Its beyond recuuperation
Therapy just wont work here
Id rather we let go and slide
Clearly there is no point
Tell me why we should still hold on?

Flashbacks,back then
We were kids,innocently we experienced
Those tummy butterflies of ecstacy
It was all kissy winky moticons
I was crushing
You were crushing
So north and south pole were personified
Science said we attracted
Peers got jealous
They thought we would grow
To build a house
Make juniors
And remember to kiss on our wedding day
But where are we now??!

Though strategizing dreams
Apparently we are chasing them,that is undeniable
But they are not impediments
Who else still needs to know that time has always been our ally
We have been  merely wounded
Its the perils of this world
We’re not focused,its resistance
That comes  with ugly trepidations
We are just not willing
To enhance embrace the goood fruits
We myt get hurt along the way,who knows?

Now its just me sassy classy
And you..all bougiee looking
“We blame time”..white lies!!
Hearts got hard
And now love fails to flow or thaw
Because we think we”re icy with riches
Riches that retain our sits of luxury
And our hearts of adultery
I know ryt….who would die to contemplate
The gross we glow for…

We would hold hands and swirl
Pinky promises to visit for playdates on sundays
Those little fingers got bigger
And got the hang of manouvering
All the way to my thighs
Just to finger fuck urges of pleasure
There isnt any sign of treasure
Our relationships fail because they are foul
So they fall  and fade

Let It Sink

Wake up in the morning,introspect on some cup of positivity.Having a bunch of people against you is seldomly the case.Some mental breakdowns are self applied for.Choose to be undefeatable,Choose to flourish in a world of choices.You are what you ever choose to be.Are you really willing to see yourself sink in deep whilst you had probable ways to make YOU stay afloat?


Drained with facts,so dead in reality ,the space feels like a cocoon,im totally in no room to dream,instead of sipping ,im sleeping on my dreams,just to make sure i satisfy the impressions that were made on my introductions….For how long though ?!

I write because:

I write because of my silence.
I write because the menacing echoes in my head have enfeebled me..
They are deafening
They are scorching
Not to mention vexations
I feel my soul is itching…i feel my soul is itching …..
: Itching to be heard
To pay society’s debt that was never incurred
Each and every moment is a moment to be written
The pitch of the voices in my heart keep rising
“Say it out now or be forever guilt-bitten”
The perks of ignorance erks my pen to keep writing ….
And writing…
And writing …
And writing ……
I feel my soul is itching,
I feel like my words are teaching,
I peel hate off my skin with poetry,
I steal the hearts of many with my metaphors,
A matter for concern~
I write because I’m black,
I lack prada, I write coz I’m ghetto..
I’m so Panda I’m a designer of these rhymes;
these are trying times, I write because I’m a refugee
Trying to find a place so gee……
: That’s gee
See I chose poetry for i keep no diaries..
My sanity and sobriety lies within these written enquiries
The beauty in these quires
Is of a bard composing for the choir
For i sing in these poems
I surrender in them my disdain
My joy is in these poems
The same pen traces my pain
: Writing
It’s chaos so I just let ink from my pen bleed,
My words are a rare breed ready to fight Greed,
So I write because I breath condemnation thus
my mind is infused with indignation
It can nva be so gee
Wen voicing up is a big deal
They rage to infuriate
They encage to excruciate
Its just a generation of cats
Only familiar with rats
They are nothing but pets
So disgusting with dirt.
But we are uniquely the best
Our taste make us The guests
Because we write with zest..because we write with zest….
: It can never be so gee
When they treat every black person like a G;
I write because the world has placed us in shackles,
I’m institutionalized, they burnt black cocoons~
We butterfly with freckles
I feel like I’m Emmet Till,
I try to emit light but plight got us in the dark,
I write to produce a spark but since we stuck~
My words scream freedom✊🏾
I love consistency
To me its proficiancy
But lo to writers of our days
So  undeniable diminished ,by the amateuristic tendancies
That make them underrated
Yes i mean understated
Priotizing so horribly to ‘ their recitations’
As if they lack proper meditations
I feel my soul is itching
I swear im the only one reaching….
: Reaching for the pinnacle
I’d rather they stay silent than sing in silly syllables,
Similes … metaphors …
That cater for only the shallow at heart
The weak at heart
Oh damn you wicked hearts
Murderers of the beautiful art
Cry dear William Blake,
Hallowed Shakespeare
Cover thine ears and hear not this disgrace to the beautiful art
I tremble at how they resemble their keen and thus murder the very essence of poetry … 
Being different ….
But we are Roses of Harlem
The remnant left to conquer
Gems purified of germs
And wen i say germs
I mean amateurs with shortened poetic spits
Lesser than a silkworms salivary glands
But wen we spit,we outfox Shakespeare’s side kicks
We breakdown thoughts into words
Pulverize words into ashes
Ashes finer than a queen’s lashes….